Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding Day! - Video

Kenna, getting her hairs did. I canceled my hair appt to watch another bridesmaids baby while she had her LONG hair done, since the appt's were for 7am, and we lacked other babysitting options - last minute she decided not to bring the baby, oh well! I did my own hair, and it looked alright! Whew!

Gorgeous decor. I have one hanging in my house now! - But I removed the birds:-)

Meghan was the Maid of Honour

Ann was the Matron of Honour

Ring Bearer /Master, and Flower Girl. They did an absolutely perfect job!

Cute as can be. Kenna's hair does NOT hold curl well (hence a professional job)...but it was already starting to "unglue"

Grey, watching from the audience, and not too happy about it, apparently:-)
Here comes the Bride!!
"First Kiss"

This was Brooks' ring bearer pillow. They aged a Bible, (mostly by dunking it in water & tea staining it), and sanded the cover etc. It was sooo cute!

The Great Flower Debacle. Wedding was at 12pm, around 11am, we pulled out the flowers dropped off by the florist to distribute and take some pictures etc... there were only 3 bouquets, 1 for the bride, 1 for the matron of honour, and 1 bridesmaid. NO WAY. Call the florist - they claim only 3 were ordered. This cannot possibly be the case, as the price she paid would definitely reflect 7 bouquets ordered, not only 3. Regardless, all we had was 3. We asked the florist if we could have something, ANYTHING that would kinda match...NOW. A lovely guest drove to the florists, and they whipped up 4 more bouquets for us! She got back as quick as she could, and the wedding only started about 8-10 minutes late. Impressive!! This bouquet was mine, and was a "last minute" one:-) Lauren, Ann & Meghan got the original ones, which were slightly different, but not enough to notice. Crisis adverted!

Bolger family picture

The table decor and over all ambiance was wonderful. It was the perfect execution of a vision. Everything looked even better than imagined!

The cake!! It was made by my friend, Sarah, and it was truly stunning. She is not a professional at all, so it was especially phenomenal, I thought. I think it was the best cake I've ever tasted, it was white chocolate cake with vanilla and raspberry butter cream. Recipe on her blog!

Grooms cake! Dale plays the drums, so this was perfect! This was made by another friend, Heather, and she is also not a pro...IMPRESSED. Wowsers.

There were also gluten and sugar free cupcakes made, for those with dietary restrictions
Dad & Mom Bolger

First Dance

Eating the cake!
The advice tree. Each table setting had a little tag on it, (with a bird on there, of course - I made them, haha!:-) And all the guests wrote a piece of advice or encouragement on them, and hung them on the tree. It was really pretty!

Putting his advice on the tree
Dancing! These two were hilarious!!
Here is a video of key moments of the day! This includes a portion of the song I sang - no vows though - you couldn't hear them from where Brian was sitting. They should have been mic'd a bit or something.

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