Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Museum - Videos

A day at the Children's Museum! *Note: Grey insisted on wearing the armbands from the cowboy dress up costume we have. This is when it's a good thing kids have moms and not just dads...Daddy wouldn't have let him out of the house in that get-up:-)
Almost inside a bubble!
driving a boat

peeking up to watch the trains go by

Being a vet


Doing a dance routine. I believe they were doing the "water sprinkler" of whatever it's called:-)

They are crazies, but I don't think they know it yet. We were outside enjoying a snack so we could refuel and go back in for more fun!

a "so-cycle" (motorcycle)

Farmer Kennedy
A very short clip of Grey driving a boat, and launching a rocket. He jumped and got scared every single time it launched:-)


  1. That is the coolest museum ever :) Did they get the bubble to go the whole way this time?

  2. Yes, but then it would pop instantly. Such a fun place!