Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I get to my spring cleaning...late:-) I just don't seem to have the time in the spring, so summer suits me better! Basically, take everything out of each room, drawer, etc. Sort it. Throw away. Organize. Clean/dust/wash. Put back together again. So far I've finished most of the house!
Bathroom closet, done!

Mostly done...Still need to do the very top shelf, which is the extra linens.
The 3 bedrooms are done, and you should have seen the mound of clothing that Brian and I disposed of! I should have taken a picture! We are given a lot of handmedowns, which is wonderful. But I am learning that just because it was free and it fits, doesn't mean we have to keep it. Too many clothes!

All that is really left is the kitchen. I did the pantry and lower cabinets when I took the original doors off, but the jam packed uppers still need work. I feel like I am forced into minimalism, because I hardly have any cupboard space:-)
Argh. It's hard for me to know how best to organize this stuff. I think maybe only the middle shelf needs the most attention

Drink stuff, baking stuff, pasta - attention needed!

Spices, baking stuff, "extra" stuff...a rice cooker, and popcorn popper - attention needed!

um, this is almost laughable. The cutlery drawer.

Utensil drawer.
So this is what my week will look like - sorting, organizing and "spring cleaning" all this stuff! I hate "spring" cleaning. Although I will admit the satisfaction of achievement at the end of the day is well worth the work! This is my last week before all the extra kids come back, so I need to get organized for the upcoming year of work, school...LIFE.

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