Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've coined a new term. Pinteresting. And why not? It's interesting, it's's Pinteresting. Things that live in a world of do it yourself, or make your own...very pinteresting, indeed.

Here is something I tried, that I pinned a few days ago. And wouldn't you know it...that Pinterest is too smart. IT WORKS!

How to clean a glass top stove, with no chemicals or special ingredients.
Here is my stove. Not terrible, but not great. It kinda looked like this when it was given to me, and I didn't know what to do about it. Well, it's likely worse now than it was then. I am the queen of the boil-over.

Up close, every burner had a browny-black ring around it

Take baking soda, and generously pour/sprinkle over surface. Soak a towel or rag in hot soapy water, and wring out, so it's still pretty wet, but not dripping/sopping. Lay over the baking soda, set the timer for 15 minutes, and walk away.

When the time is up, use the towel to scrub the stubborn spots, and rinse. This is after 1 time....LOTS better!

But there was still a bit of brown/black gunk that was stubbornly stuck (after really never having been cleaned so thoroughly!) I used a new razor blade to gently go over those spots, and then did the baking soda treatment again. And presto! It looks like it's only 1 day old! Phenomenal, and super cheap...and good for your health too. No strong chemicals to have to worry about!
Thank you Pinterest - until next time!

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