Monday, August 20, 2012

New Bunks

First night in their "new" (handmedown) bunk beds!

I'll post more & better pictures of their room and bedding, once I get it all together (for example, I need to buy adult pillows x4 for all their new pillowcases - no more toddler sized pillows!). But I coudn't miss a pic or two of them in their new beds on the first night:-)

bottom bunk! He looks so little in such a big bed

top bunk!

in process - we set up the bunk beds, and decided to build the boys a rope ladder hanging from the ceiling, instead of a traditional ladder - because who wouldn't love that?! Brian's drill press wasn't powerful enough to make it through the rods. It took forever to make these 2 holes...he'll have to finish the others at the shop. Yes, that is one right up at the ceiling, so they can have something to hang onto at the top.

1st nap, top bunk!

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