Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedded Bliss

Well, it's anniversary time again. EIGHT years. Wowsers. It seems like yesterday, and yet at the same time feels like it was ages ago. It seems like I've posted a few little things about our wedding in the past, like the song that our friend wrote for us, and the wedding book (was also the program) we gave to the guests, and also a video of our kiss.

This year I thought I'd do some video again. Videos are great for helping remember every detail of your special day! Even when you were married in the dark ages, and have your wedding tape on VHS, like me. I need to get this converted somehow! Anyway, this works for now...a family friend videotaped the ceremony for us, and also the reception. He did a little "bonus" for us, which we didn't know about until we watched the video for the first time.

He videotaped us during the photography session, and made a little montage of the footage, and put it to music. So special! I love watching this and seeing all the people and all the love. We are very well loved, there is no doubt about that, I am sooo grateful! It is also wonderful to see all three Grandma's here, they have all since passed away. And also seeing my little siblings, many of them younger than my own children currently are. Little Maryn was only 3 years old! Oh my.

It was a day that we planned so carefully. We poured our hearts into every minute detail, and we loved the results. We had the day of our dreams, and it was as close to perfect as we could afford (LOL!)...it truly was everything we wanted when all was said and done. 

You'll have to wait until our next anniversary for some more pretty wedding love!

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