Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

We had a very nice Fathers Day. I was singing at church in the morning, with Ben (music leader). We sang this song, and did a pretty decent job in the end, I thought. Although, it remains difficult to be objective when you are the one doing the singing:-)

After church we headed to Neighbors Pizza for lunch, it's one of Brian's top 3 fave pizza places. Yummy. Then we came home...and we got grout, baby! The shower is officially grouted and now (24+ hours later), ready for use. YES! We will still have to be careful of the water...the floor will be grouted next, whenever Brian has some more free time.

After another Brian fave for dinner (bacon, eggs, cheese & spicy mustard on a bagel) I ran to redbox to rent a manly movie for the evenings entertainment. True Grit. As I was pulling into the 7-11 redbox location, I noticed a sign in the window..."retro candy, .98" Immediately a conversation from a few weeks prior sprang to mind.

I wonder if they have Nik L Nips? Brian and Chae (family friend) were talking about these "amazing" childhood treats, and I had never heard of them. Chalk that up to being Canadian. They were raving about the gooey insides and the wax chewing.

Well sure enough, they had them!
They do taste good...buuuut...well, the wax chewing is a little weird (and is recommended, as you can see by the slogan on the package). You bite off the top...suck out all the juice...
sucking out the juice

...and chew the wax. I guess I don't get it. It was exactly like chewing on the wax they gave me to protect my mouth from my braces. So a little odd, I found.
chewing wax
This wax chewing habit seems only slightly more cleanly than a tobacco chewing habit. We needed a spittoon!
all the chewed up, discarded wax.
Retro candy fail, I suppose. But it was really fun to eat and experience something Daddy did when he was little.
Out cold, snuggling with Daddy while Mommy makes dinner.
Happy Fathers Day to Brian, My Dad and my Father in Law! I love you all!

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