Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, the final product has been purchased for our bathroom. Tile! We now have all the pieces here to make this room great, aside from the paint. Now to get it all done:-) We had decided on travertine, and found a great sale on it at Lowes (2.98 a sq ft for 18x18)...then we got some advice from our good friend Ryan (he's a tile contractor, so he knows tile)...that travertine might not be the very best choice for if we someday rent it out, as it's a little higher maintenance, and you want "easy" in a rental home.

We heeded his advice...halfway. We still decided on the travertine for the floor in the large tiles, and a porcelain tile that went very very well with it, for the shower surround. Our decided colour scheme for the room is turquoise and brown. This mosaic is absolutely perfect for tying everything together. It will be cut into squares 5x5 tiles across and laid into the floor on a "diamond" corner to each of the large floor tiles. And an approx 3 tile strip (still deciding on width) of the mosaic will go all the way around in the shower area too. It's SO pretty. I can't wait to see it installed!
Pale 18x18, floor, darker 12x12, shower. Mosaic for detail.
Here is our awesome sink!! It's put together, but not yet on the wall (it's in the tub!)

Shower curtain I found that I think will work nicely (keeping receipt just in case!), it seems to have all our colours in it, it's perfect! A paint colour choice...Portico. Not 100% on this one. The chip actually looks white, unless you compare it to white, then you notice a slightly smoky turquoise colour. Not sure if that will be the complete choice, but it's a good start. We want a pale, fresh colour in there, but might want a little more colour than Portico offers. We'll see.


  1. Love the mosaic! I want to do that same colour scheme in one of our bathrooms!

  2. Beautiful. It is all coming together.