Friday, March 12, 2010

Kenna's 4th Birthday Cake

Kenna's wish all year has been for a princess cake. Here is my attempt at making that wish come true! Her birthday is Monday, the 15th, but we will be having another family over with their 3 little girls, on Saturday night for dinner and cake. So today/tonight I baked the cake and set out to decorate it. Here is how it went!

It's a pink strawberry cake, from a mix. I am not big on 'homemade' I like the mixes, they are so much more moist:-)

I purchased a blob of fondant, tinted it pink, and flavoured it with almond extract. It was very very hard to knead. It's very hard and seemed like I was kneading taffy. My arms hurt:-) Maybe next time I'll try making the fondant from scratch, but this time I just didn't feel up to trying it and having it not work out. There is regular white icing underneath the fondant to make it stick.

It was easy to form the skirt. It was very hard to form the bodice and the sleeves. That took the most time.

The leftovers! I rolled it out over icing sugar to keep the fondant from sticking to the table.

Simply decorated. She looks pretty nice, for my first try!

Here is where you can see her lumpy-in-the-back bodice. It was very hard to get it on and keep it from tearing. It's an art that takes lots of practice. And wow, decorating cakes takes a lot of forearm muscles!! I am very happy with the results though, and I think Kenna will be elated when she wakes up in the morning and sees her princess cake!!

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