Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Ever since she's been very young, Kenna has loved smoothies, slushies, Sonic drinks, etc. They are her faves!

Brian and I had been discussing what to get her for her birthday this year. We came up with a good plan, we thought...she still loves her 'soft blanket', which came as part of the newborn crib set we got for her when she was born. It's really cute, and very soft, but it's an infant sized blanket. So we have been breaking her in with the idea that when the baby is born, it will need the blanket, so she'll have to give it to the baby. I explained it to her and asked if that was something she would like to do, and she said "yah, it doesn't cover my toes anyway". HA! So we thought we would get her new bedding with a matching comforter and stuff for her room, since she's a big girl now. We have plenty of other blankets and sheets, but not in a 'set', and not necessarily matching her room. So this is the plan for her gift...but then...

We were driving past Wawa (a gas station) and Kenna starting talking about the summer, when Janessa and Jillaine were here and how we got slushies there, and wasn't that so fun? and can we get one today? well when can we get one? I told her about something that completely rocked her little world. Did you know they sell machines that can make your own snow cones at home? "Nope" she said "because they have to be colours like pink and blue" Yes! You can buy the flavour and make whichever kind you want right at home. "That's what I want for my birthday, ok Mom?" What a funny little kid! So now she gets bedding AND a snow cone maker?? We'll have to see...

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