Friday, March 26, 2010

Boys vs Girls

After Grey was born Brian asked if I was glad it was a boy, and yes, I was and am! He is so perfect. I actually preferred to have a boy, so it was really just what I wanted. However, I told him, I do really love the name Shaughnessy soooo much, and it makes me a little sad to think I might never have one. That and baby girl clothes are so cute. He laughed at me and my petty disappointments:-) Maybe one day I can get a dog...named Shaunie...and dress it up in girl clothes. Haha!

Now that we have a boy, I am sorting out all those girl clothes to pass on to friends having girls. Look what I found...and this is the difference between girls and boys.

Kenna's shoe collection in size 0 and 1 only...Brooks' shoe selection for the same pair of slipper type shoes, haha! She had a matching pair for practically every outfit, and he was shoeless Joe I suppose:-)

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