Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Brother

There was a little confusion with Kenna...Brian's mom was watching the kids when we told them the news that "it's a boy". Grandma told Kenna that she had 2 brothers!! Of course meaning Brooks was one of them:-)

They came to visit the hospital on Monday morning. I have never seen Brooks SO excited! It was great. We caught all their initial reactions and conversations on video. Love it! Brooks was very excited for his little brother, and Kenna wondered when her little brother would be here. There is only one baby, we all get to share him! But quite a few times she made reference to the 2nd brother that she couldn't wait to meet. It was really funny trying to explain that Brooks is her younger brother also. I guess in her mind they are more equals, so Brooks doesn't count:-)

They had lots of love for their baby. It was so precious to watch them react and interact with Grey.

Hanging out watching a movie together

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