Tuesday, January 19, 2021

This is Us: Kennedy

I started this blog because of this kid - and now she's all grown up🤯 Here are a few fun facts about our sweet big girl.

Fave food: Soups in bread bowls

Fave restaurant: Panera (duh, because of the soups😆)

Fave drink: a White Chocolate Mocha coffee

Fave colours: light blue/turquoise and grey

Best friends: Savannah, Krista, Kayla, Ellen, Clara and Grace

Fave Movie/Show: Sound of Music, Hamilton, White Collar, Psych, Corner Gas

Best Advice? "Don't tell your brothers where any of your valuables are, or they'll take them"

She's memorized all of 1st Peter, and is working on 1, 2 & 3 John...Memory work doesn't come easiest for her, but she's persistent and gets it done with lots of practice and recitation. She's "piano" in the family band, and getting good at chording and playing along. She excels at motivating the boys to complete chores and behave - I'd say 75% of the time those "motivations" come by way of her excellent baking skills. The worst thing that can be said about that, it is she frequently forgets to mention if she's used up an ingredient, and I have to think quick on my feet to discover my intended dinner will be made without flour 😂 She's completely the #1 fan fave of baby sister, even though we all try our best to bribe Vale and oust her for that position.

She's got her boating license, and will get her learners permit this Spring, Lord willing. She is taking a college course, for audit, this semester (Spring '21) - we'd like to dual enroll her, when she's old enough, and this is an easy way to de-mystify the whole ordeal and get her used to writing papers and such, when Brian and I can still help her out and guide her. She's got braces because Brian and I have terrible genetic material to pass on in that department - and we're paying dearly for our shortfalls 😂 Here's an interesting tooth-fact about her: one of her "baby molars" is the only one she's got - no adult tooth is growing to replace it. So if she keeps it healthy, it's the only one she'll have for her whole life!

Smart, funny, practical, dramatic. She's turned into a lovely grown-up kid - which is really no surprise, given how lovely she was as a little kid.

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