Sunday, January 17, 2021

Screened Porch Remodel

Well, here we go (again!). Another remodel, and not wanting to exhaust my IG feed with all the details, and yet wanting to chronicle the journey, I decided to figure out how to get the pics off my phone and onto my blog! The last time I blogged "full time" I had an actual camera and uploaded from there, not a camera phone. The times, they are a changin' - haha! ANYWAY. I'll have to go back and find pics of the old space in it's original condition. But I'll start here for now...

Our house is really practical and I like that. But we do like to have a lot of people over, and one of the biggest drawbacks to open concept is not having a separate place/room for kids and adults to separate. It's made a little better with the additions of tv's in our bedroom and upstairs (at least movies or Nintendo Switch can be done elsewhere than the main room), but all in all, our only "complaint" is that we could use another family room. This house is a ranch, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, just over 1800sq ft. Something not included in that square footage is our screened in back porch. We've thought of finishing it for awhile now, but it's taken awhile to be able to afford it - it's a lot of "little things" that add up in cost. Some needed, some wanted, but still - all with the desire to do it "right", and when we could afford to do it all at once, instead of over years as we saved up etc. So now is the time!

We will close in the porch, HVAC the space, requiring a mini split unit that connects to the main unit. We will build a deck, and re-side the house - It really needs it! It's old vinyl siding and a recent storm upending our trampoline into the side of the house was the final straw with cracked pieces. The time is now. Siding will be delivered in 4 weeks! We picked a blue colour called Harbor Blue - actually, I think it's about the same shade as we painted the shed (and currently have our shutters & exterior doors painted too). ANYWAY. I'll talk you through the pics, and then update here as we go under the label below of Porch Remodel

Our 3 set of double french doors were delivered this week!

The side facing the shed will be just solid wall (as you see here). The back side will be 1 set of french doors (the hole), and 2 windows beside.

Decking material has been delivered and stacked/spaced for staining prior to install

This whole area will be a deck. From the porch, all the way to the edge of the house. It'll be a HUGE deck. Huge.

This whole area will be deck. I think it'll be 4ft off the back side, then down to the end of the house. 2 more sets of french doors go here!

One set of doors, INSTALLED! We got the kind with the shades built in to the glass, yay! It was end of day though, and it was SO heavy. We'll do the next two another day.

There is so much work to do. Whooooooweee. But it'll be so nice once it's all done!

Door, installed!

This is the side that faces the lake, so we'll have a nice deck off this space, and a nice pretty view.

Yah, we still have lots of demo clean up to get rid of. Not getting a dumpster this time, so we have to take it out by the truck load in Brian's truck.

Our shed is here (door open) to the left. Our kitchen has a little "nook" kick out, with 3 windows. 1 of the windows goes into the screened porch, and one of them faces the shed side & HVAC units - 1 not needed, and one without a view, so we're taking them out and reusing them in the porch. The the center window in above pic will be the only one that stays. We had all the windows replaced in 2019, so as not to waste them, we'll use them on the porch.

There are the windows from the inside - the side 2 will go away.

We took down the ceiling, because we will be putting in a barrel vaulted ceiling. It feels so spacious compared to our regular 8ft ceilings in the rest of the house.

Brian will be/is replacing all these trusses with rounded ones - he has wood for a rounded ceiling left over from a job, so it's going in here!

Can't wait to update with more pics!!

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