Saturday, January 30, 2021

It's tedious, I know

I know you're so glad I started blogging right in time to show you slow progress on our porch remodel 😝. It's tedious, but...that's life I guess. We really only have time to work on it on the weekends, so yah, it's slow. Brian, the boys and Brian's Dad worked most of the day today, and into the night to insulate, and start with all the HVAC hookup stuff

There's the first truss, up. That'll be the arch of the barrel ceiling.

This is some sort of egg crate - and it lets air flow up the ridge vent in the roof. Aren't you impressed with how well I digested that information that Brian provided me with. I, naturally, had never heard of such a thing until today, so yah - we can all be glad I'm not in charge of getting this thing done! Lol

Insulation, going up on the ceiling
We've still got tomorrow - but this will suffice for my weekend up! I don't know that it'll look much different after tomorrow anyway - church, family zoom call, and fancy birthday dinner! So it's a pretty full day.

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