Tuesday, January 19, 2021

This is Us: Brooks

It's hard for me to believe he's a teenager. He's outgrown so many stages it's hard to even remember them all - the R's as Y's speech impediment phase, the snuggle couch as a bed phase, the nervous of everything phase...He surprises me, because as he's grown, he's gone from most-like-mom to most-like-dad, and I didn't really see it coming somehow. One day, it just was. He has many of Brian's mannerisms, sense of humour, sarcasm and interests. He's a favourite of just about everyone - I swear there has never been a more popular kid. Everyone seems to know him, like him, buy him candy, and invite him to their birthday parties πŸ˜‚ He just has a way of including others, and doing his own thing, while making others comfortable and somewhat just minding his own business. He applies these personality traits well at home too, bridging the gap between Kenna and Grey. He's a people person, who loves to be with his people. Lucky for us the whiny phase ended quite awhile ago - so he's pleasure to be with. He wins the gold medal for problems with teeth / jaw / mouth checking every single box in every category. After 4+ years he'll have a nice smile, and that phase should last forever, we just have to endure a little while until then😜 He's working on wrapping up the memorization of the entire book of 1st Peter.

Fave game: Monopoly - he has Monopoly, Jr Monopoly, Fortnite Monopoly, Canada-opoly, Hampton Roads-opoly & Monopoly Deal (not unrelated, Fave collection: Monopoly)

Fave sport: Baseball, football, soccer, etc...basically all the sports - tubing & waterskiing

Fave food & drink: Chicken Gnocchi soup (mom's recipe), & lasagna, tiramisu. Lipton Morac tea, & Twinings Buttermint tea

Best friends: Eli B, & Logan

Movie/Show: White Collar, Psych, Corner Gas, A Christmas Story, The Star Wars Series

Fave Family Vacation: Canadian Family visiting in the Outerbanks

Fave Restaurant: Macks Grill

Cool thing: a vintage (1960's & 70's) comic book collection (items found on Facebook Marketplace)

Best Advice? "Don't put too much faith in a certain football team, or their best player will go to another team and they'll be stuck in a rut. I'm going to spend my life rotting away in a basement watching and waiting for them to ever win again" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Instrument: He's the guitar in the family band, learning the basics from my Dad via video chat, and kind of taking it from there. He seems to be very musical and also takes piano lessons, and is getting good on drums and cajon with unofficial lessons here and there.

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