Friday, January 22, 2021

This is Us: Grey

Of all my kids, this kid pains my heart the most, I think. In a sweet way, but still...Grey is a little kid who is going places one day. He's quiet, sweet, kind, thoughtful - and he's really grown up a lot faster than he should have in a lot of ways. He was my baby for so so long, and I miss that. But he's also such an old soul, that he's grouped up with the older kids, and handles it well - but also I have to remind myself, he's only 10, he's really not big, he's little💗. He's our most careful student, and takes pride in everything being given 100% effort (and result), from quizzes to pretty penmanship. It is not unusual for him to spend all day on school. Literally all day (9 to 4) by his own choice with limited breaks. Doing something and not actually learning it, or doing it "well" is a concept that doesn't even exist in his mind. Excellence is the goal. Unlike the older two, who are quite the opposite, and have much lower personal standards for all things school😛 He is a true introvert, and finds time to play alone with his Lego, and is often off in his own little world, not paying attention at all to what the rest of us are doing. It's a good thing because it recharges him so that he can deal with the constant pestering and chiding and goofing off from the older two. He has a very tender heart, a killer sense of humour, still likes a good snuggle, and still get nervous during the scary parts in movies - I'll be sad when that phase ends.

Fave Foods: Quiche, Pizza, Sausage & Peppers (a meat sub sandwich)

Best Friends: Sonny & Benjamin

Fave activities: Playing soccer & football. Legos. Tubing. Rock & Mineral collection

Fave School Subject: Science and handwriting

Fave colour: Grey😉

Movies/TV Show: Peter Rabbit (new one), Corner Gas, Psych

Fave Family Vacation: Disney World (2019)

Best Restaurant: Olive Garden

Best Advice? "Don't take my advice. That's my advice"

Instruments: He takes piano lessons, and is "drums" in the family band. Mostly the cajon, but he's getting unofficial tips from his brother, and others, and does really well keeping us on beat!

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  1. LOVED reading all of these!!! Also your kids have excellent taste in food and movies/tv shows!