Monday, June 1, 2015

Trees Down

Trees - Why, oh why do people plants so many annoying trees? At our Hugo house, we had FIFTEEN GINORMOUS pine trees. Here at Willow, we have so many gum trees, we need our own Kookaburra!! We have/had 10 gum trees in fact. Yes, they offer nice shade - but they also drop massive amounts of gumballs - OUCH!

It was time for the trees to come down. Basically we had a line of trees between our house and the little pond. They are definitely big and well established, though, not even a fraction of the size of those Virginia pines we took down at Hugo!

Because they "weren't big" they were easy to fell. They didn't need to be climbed, topped, limbed, etc. They were all just chopped down from the ground. They cut down 9 trees in about 5 hours - and there is only one left to do.

Some trees down, some still up near the house!

Gum trees are hardwood - easier to get rid of than the pines because people can burn it. We know folks that heat their homes with wood, and this should be seasoned by the winter. They'll have lots of free wood!

A nest fell out of a tree that came down

He's not up as high as it seems - this tree was leaning over our house. He climbed up, attached a rope, and they attached the other end to the truck - they pulled it with the truck when they cut it, so it wouldn't fall on the house, since it was severely leaning.

From my bedroom window, that is the "leaning tree", on the ground.
The video shows a minute of tree cutting! The one tree I show off to the right of our house by the big oak is the only one still standing, so 9 of our 10 are down:-)

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