Monday, June 1, 2015

Memorial Day

We had a wonderful May long weekend - Brian called me from work that Friday, and presented me with a plan - lets redo the screened in porch. I said I was game, as long as it was the same or better by the time the party started. He assured me it would be:-)

You know how you have to basically destroy everything in order to put it back to together - that was this porch! It was definitely on our "to do list" for getting this house ready to sell.

1. The screen was torn/had holes in a variety of places.
2. The door was broken
3. It had some rotting wood on the outside
4. It had never been sealed, painted or stained - ever

So - ALL the screen came down. We bought a special wood cleaning solution and scrubbed all the wood. None of this was difficult - but it was time consuming - as there are a lot of pieces of wood making up the structure of the porch, and they each have 4 exposed sides.

We bought a special stain that is Behr brand, and a stain and paint combo, made for exterior use like on decks. Brian was extremely happy with it for our purposes. We used Gettysburg blue for the ceiling, Brian picked it out himself, and I couldn't be happier with it. He's got good taste! Depending on the time of day or lighting, it looks grey, or sometimes "wedgewood" blue. It's a great ceiling colour. The wood we sealed in with a dark brown.

There was lots of painting involved. If not for the help of several friends helping (it all needed 2 coats before we could put the screen back up) we would not have been done in time for the party, for sure. But we got it done! Painted every board, and the ceiling, got all the new screen up, installed a new's a new place! The only thing we didn't do is paint/stain the floor - which we do need to do. But because of the party, the obvious time needed for not walking on it etc, we just couldn't do that right now. Plus we ran out of the brown:-) - we used every bit of 2 gallons painting all the wood brown!

Gettysburg blue ceiling
I didn't get any pics during the party. It was pretty crazy fun! I think it was our largest party yet...40+ people for a bbq and outdoor fun. We did: Slip n slide, cornhole, box hockey, kayaking, massive water balloon fight, frisbee golf, and then a bonfire. We definitely enjoy having a great outdoor space where we can host and facilitate fun!
We were given a wonderful outdoor table and chairs! I bought an umbrella to complete the set.

Brian and his friend Mr T "acquired" this kayak years ago. I don't even remember how! Lol, It's been stored at friends house for 4 years, since we didn't have room at Hugo. Recently, I was like, hey! we have water, why aren't we using that thing?! It was really for the adults to take the kids out on the lake and the teen boys liked toodling around the water too. Kenna and Brooks aren't allowed to go out on the lake with an adult, until they are quite proficient at it - so they practice paddling and synchronization on dry land.

The porch is all sealed now, under the paint/stain, and it looks great!

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Cleaning up the yard on Tuesday, the kids were still more interested in playing:-)

Take note of the trees...

My new project! We got this awesome dresser at a thrift store, and will convert it to a tv cabinet. Stay tuned...!

These very long beams can only mean one thing: Walls will be coming down!! Waiting on permits and plans to be approved by the city

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