Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Brooks had his very first recital this past weekend. He's only been taking lessons officially for 6 weeks or so. All the teachers had no more room for students! Anyway, he's been loving learning!

Here's the first song, "A Song About Cats"...so fitting, haha. Then the next one is called "I Like", and then after that, a small portion of his teacher Rebekah playing for us. She is a girl in our youth group, and quite talented!

Kenna's recital was a few weeks ago, and she'll be moving on next year to Brooks' teacher, because her current teacher is off to college and is moving away this summer.

She played There is A Redeemer, and she only started learning the piece a couple weeks before the recital, so she tried really hard to get it perfectly recital ready! And then she played a duet with her teacher Katrina, Praise the Name of Jesus

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