Saturday, May 10, 2014

Trifle Time!

When life hands you broken cake - make a trifle!!
I have made I don't know how many cakes in the past few years -  and never before have I had one I couldn't get out of the pan in one piece. Until now:-) I was making a white chocolate cake for Brian (looking like the blue ribbon cake), only this I decided to abandon the original idea and roll with it. And actually, it was the perfect birthday dessert for Brian!
White Chocolate Raspberry Trifle - I used white chocolate cake, white chocolate pudding, raspberries and whipped cream. It was delicious!!
Annnnnd we invited hordes of people over at the last minute, so I whipped up another one a few hours before they came over. Strawberry Vanilla, this time:-)
I had to try both, (naturally), and I really couldn't decide which one I liked better. Happy Birthday Brian!

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