Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blue Ribbons

Sorry for so many recipe/cake posts! There have been so many parties recently, on top of my cookie and cupcake orders, it seems like all I ever do is bake:-) I don't mind, I do enjoy it, and I am still learning so much that nothing is boring to me yet.

I volunteered to make a cake for a small baby shower tomorrow night. So today I baked the cakes, and tonight after church I stacked, filled, crumb coated, froze it for a bit (to accelerate the drying process)

Then I tried something I have never tried before - making ruffles, or ribbons.
I LOVE how it turned out. Not embarrassing at all for a first try.
Even still, doing it once, I know how to improve my technique for next time. No where to go but up!
Really pretty!
Ok, the flash went off on the camera for only one picture. Weird. And it changed the way the icing looks. It's not a brilliant sky blue, it's very pale, like in the other pics.
I named this cake Blue Ribbons. And I like how it looks like a flower from the top view.

Ok - a bit of a killer with the hand cramping aspects - but I think I did a pretty good job, and I will definitely do this again. It's pretty easy, and really a no-fail way to present a cake - much like covering them with roses - soooo much easier than trying to get smooth buttercream.

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