Saturday, May 3, 2014

Brooks' 7th Birthday

On Brooks' actual birthday, we spent the day at the field day for our co-op. It was a fun way to end the co-op school year!

His chosen birthday cereal was one we've never had before, but he saw it on a commercial. It's basically s'mores:-)

And his cake!! He wanted a Star Wars cake, and since I knew we'd have a busy week, this was about the easiest thing I could think to do;-)

He's showing how the sabers can light up

Brooks' birthday song. We got the whole song this time - but Brian was manning the camera and couldn't figure it out. A trifecta of messed up birthday songs for 2014. Bueno.

And the gift he's been asking for, for awhile now...Beyblades. Which is the new way of saying "we're playing tops". Beyblades are tops. But they made them cooler. So instead of spinning tops, you can sling beys. yaaaah. We don't really get it. But boys between the ages of 6 and 12 toooootally get it.

So he got Beys from everybody, since that is all he requested:-) Grey is the cutest little slinger of them all. Haha!

Brooks requested BLT's for his birthday meal, which we enjoyed today (Sat), so Uncle Dale could be there too. So we enjoyed dinner on the screened in porch with Lauren and Dale, and then opened a few gifts and ate cake! He asked for a vanilla cake with chocolate icing, and I will share about that in another post with the recipes.

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