Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For Mattea

My little niece Mattea is four years old. She seems to have gotten something from me (funny how genetics work, right?)...she hates to drink water. She is also super smart, which obviously also comes from me:-D

Within the past few months, I have determined to drink more water. I would barely ever drink any (a few glasses a day, with a meal), and was trying to get better about staying hydrated for overall health.

I read somewhere that you should drink half your body weight in oz. or MORE per DAY. Yikes. I decided to try it.

So here is my tip for Mattea. Maybe you can't drink water in a normal glass. I literally cannot. It's got to be a weird mental thing (likely because of the aforementioned super-smartness), but I really can't. When drinking water from a regular cup, the "normal" way, it takes me ages to finish a glass, and I never want more.

But when I put water in a cup like this:
I started being able to drink it! If I keep it full, and keep it with me (I tote it around the house, it's almost spill proof). Now - get this - after only about a month or so, I am drinking 100 oz of water per day!!!!

That is this jug full to the tippy top, plus about another half jug:
Please note, 100 oz is definitely more than half my body weight in oz. For those smarties out there trying to do the math.

Over time (about a week or two), your kidneys adjust, and you don't have to pee every 20 minutes.

The difference for me, I think, is really all in the straw. I can "chug" water from a straw, but not from a cup. Weird - yes. But it's working, so I'm going with it:-)

So, Tea, ask your Mom to get you a great cup with a straw (mine was about $4 at Walmart, it's plastic), and lets drink lots of water together!

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