Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We're back!

We made it home to VA in exactly 13hrs and 2 mins. This including all stops and some hefty traffic in the DC area, and also some serious rain in PA and VA. The trip said it should take 11hrs35mins, so really, I think we did really really well! We actually did not stop often or for long, it was really the traffic that was our biggest hurdle. The kids were rock stars in the van, they played, coloured, sang to the ipod, and watched movies on the portable DVD player. I don't know how long trips were accomplished before the invention of that device! It is a life saver, really!

I have lots and lots of pictures to post. So look out for posting overload coming over the course of a few days!

I'll start you off with some big news. I dyed my hair. And I LOVE the colour!! It's actually the exact same colour that my sister Lauryn uses in her hair and is a few shades darker brown than my natural colour. (It's O'real Preference "Brasilia" #3)
awkward bathroom mirror selfie - matching hair!

It's darker than it was, but still brown
I surprised Brian (by not telling him I had dyed it), and he didn't notice! I assured him it was definitely darker than it had been, but it suits me well, so it doesn't seem "dyed", as in an unnatural colour. He's a fan. Well. He doesn't hate it, so we'll put that in the "fan" category. Definitely not the "avid fan" category...he generally disapproves of changing ones hair colour:-)
I am sooo not good at the selfie thing! But this is me, with no makeup on except for a bit of mascara & under eye cream. I can't tell if it's scary, or "ok", haha!!

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