Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It seems we've had a little more going on behind the scenes here than would be typical for us. Pray that we would make good decisions, generally, and spend money wisely also. Some day, I think they should make a movie about us. I don't know if it would be a rom com, or a tragic drama - but it would be unbelievable, for sure. - hah!

I have 100% packed up the kitchen - some open boxes for the cups, bowls, etc we're still using. Lots of commotion in that regard - from tomorrow onward it will be stove top or grilling for us only, until we leave.

I need to start packing to go to Canada - which means I need to do all the laundry first I guess. Always something to do around here, whether spectacular or mundane. I do not have a computer anymore (laptop died, and then older laptop died too, so I use Brian's work computer in the evenings) - so while I am away, I will be able to post, but am unsure if I will able to do the pictures - it will be my sisters decision, since I'd have to borrow her computer to upload pics from my camera (no pressure Lauryn, haha!!), but hopefully I will be able to post-as-we-go while away.

Better go do something productive...

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  1. HOLD THE PHONE!! You're coming HERE HERE?!?!? Why didn't you tell me! HELLOOO playdates!! :0)