Friday, July 5, 2013

Flag Cake

A little US patriotism...very fun to make!!
I used a red velvet cake, and then just a white cake, some of which dyed blue

stack it up, and cut out the center, and then cut white and red rounds too and fill the hole with the red & white smaller circles

And when you cut it open...voila! It's a flag!

Other festivities...
Red, white & blue drink - apparently this "works" because of the varied sugar content in each drink. Cranberry juice, then Sobe pina colada juice, then blue Gatorade. Sounds weird with the flavours, but tastes really good. Add lots of ice, and pour slowly/carefully to achieve the 3 distinct colours in your cup

Sugar cookies!

Too much food in general, but yummy!
Watching fireworks

This was Grey's FIRST year to see fireworks - His first year, they were rained out, his second year, we were in Canada recovering from Davis' wedding on Canada Day, and obviously no one celebrates the 4th there...and so this year was his first chance, and he loved them! In other news, Brooks is still scared of them:-)

Watching with a friend - notice Brooks covering his ears:-)

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