Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kennedy Family Potluck

The Kennedy family get together this summer was in honour of little baby Drew. He is the son of my cousin Rich, and his wife Amy - he was born at 23 weeks old, I believe! He is now 6 months, and home from the hospital (although not at party - can't do crowds yet!), so everyone that was able to attend got together - this is for decedents of my Dad & his siblings (he the 4th of 6 kids)

*for ease of knowing who's who - "real" family members are in bold, and people that married into the Kennedy family are in italics type

Ever wonder about the "once removed" thing? I'll help you out in case you are confused about how it works - you know what your first cousin is - example Darla and Jeff are first cousins. So Darla's children and Jeff's children are second cousins. So what is Darla to Jeff's children? That is a first cousin with 1 generation "missing" or removed, so any "step down" in the lineage like that is a "once removed" cousin. Hope that makes sense to you!

(Here is a tricky one for you. My brothers Brent & Logan married first cousins Chantelle & Kari. So their children will be to each other, fully first cousins by their dads and fully second cousins by their moms. Weird right?!)

Uncle Cliff (my Dad's brother), holding his great-nephew Canaan.
In the background, is Wendy, Auntie Donna (Dad's sister), Lauryn (my sis) and Cathryn
Cousins and second cousins horsing around in the pool

My kids and Lauryn's kids (first cousins), playing with their second cousin Hayden

First cousins Jonas and Nolan (Scott's son and Shelley's son). Since Scott and Shelley are my first cousins, these boys are my 1st cousins once removed

Mattea and Kayla playing with the football on the ropes. Their 2nd cuzzies Avalyn & CJ playing right behind them. In the background you can see my cousins Scott, Shelley & Auntie Elva 

Brooks & Hayden playing with the hose, while Jeremy, CJ & Tessa look on

Jeff, helping the kids do something, Dale in the background

Grey is borrowing his 2nd cuzzie CJ's hat

Uncle Don did not fail us! A very long standing tradition of him giving us (Dave's kids) licorice every time he sees us:-)
I think, other than my immediate family (who don't live there anymore), every one was in attendance, with the exception of Uncle Howie & Myrna, and Chris & Ryan and their families.

It was a very fun day catching up with everyone. I personally have not been to a yearly Kennedy shindig since 2004! My kids had a blast connecting with their extended family!

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