Monday, July 15, 2013


Mattea's party was a family one - all the Kennedy side of the family is no longer in the Toronto area, Lauryn is the lone sibling still remaining in the place we all grew up. Her husband Mark's family is all here local though, so it was a party for that side of the fam (technically not related to me in any way, however, use of terms Aunt & Uncle etc will be used to show their relation to Mark)
Getting party-ready! Big girl Kenna is painting Tea's nails

Kayla's turn!
 Cousins, Kayla & Grey are buddies

It's Auntie Miriam, Uncle John, Canaan, Mark's mom, Mary, & Mattea

The newly 4 year old Mattea Leigh!

Brooks and Cousin Bella (Mark's sisters daughter)

Good kick Brooks! Little cousin Chase (Mark's brothers son)

Peekaboo with Daddy! It's Kayla & Canaan with Mark

Bella was drooling over the cake

Grey loves random toys that make obnoxious sounds!

Mattea opening gifts, with help from Kayla

It's my little "messy bessy", Kayla. She is just 2, but has personality to spare

It's Tea! Love her hair

Lauryn, Mark and their 3 kids for a quick family pic (Mattea, Kayla & Canaan)

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