Friday, June 14, 2013

Wedding Vows

To commemorate our 10 year anniversary...our vows. We wrote them/compiled them ourselves. Poor Pastor Doug - I basically handed over a document saying "this is your part, this is our part" haha. It was one of my most enjoyable parts of wedding planning - I/we (mostly I) wrote the entire service except for the Pastors Charge to us (which you do not see here). It took countless (obsessive) hours to go over all weddings, ever, and put together my favourite parts for my own.

I believe I did a good job, as, in attending other weddings done by Pastor Doug, after ours, I would elbow you hear that? That's from our wedding!! Which basically means I wrote it. Haha. Although, really, I cannot say I "wrote" it all, but I compiled it together in my own unique way. And it makes me happy to hear that others liked it, and decided to use it for their own weddings too...

(we go from Declaration of Intent, to Exchange of Marriage Vows, to Giving and Receiving of Rings...where Pastor Doug messes up my vows, so I say something different than Brian does:-)

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    1. Yes, you were!! You and Maryn both stole the show - super adorable!! :-)

  2. Oh my! Lehman is so cute!