Friday, June 21, 2013

Piano Recital - Video

Yesterday was Kenna's first piano recital. She played This Little Light of Mine, and Theme from the London Symphony.

The program says "Kenna has been playing piano since she was five. In the following two years, she has progressed very well. Her knowledge of counting and familiarity of the music staff has increased steadily. Kenna's  lessons are characterized by music games that she and Katrina developed. Those games exhibit Kenna's joyful student's heart and sweetly playful spirit. Thus far, her favorite piece is "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus" because she says she "can do it well a lot."

She did very well, although she did make a small mistake - I asked her on the way home, if she was nervous and she said, "not at all, but I did get really sweaty". Haha!!

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  1. A job well done!!! You are really getting good <3