Saturday, June 22, 2013

Splash Pad Fun

We are very blessed - basically right past the end of our street (the "dodgy end" as we call it) is a wonderful, FREE splash pad - open to the public. It opened last summer, and as far as I know of, it's the only free one in our city. Lucky right?! I saved some money by not renewing the botanical gardens membership - since we mostly only used it for the splash pad!
The other real blessing - our neighbourhood is perhaps well hidden? Nobody knows its there! It's very often completely empty. I am counting the minutes,'s only a matter of time before everyone knows about it, and it's super crowded.
But until then, we enjoy playing - mostly by ourselves.

Grey is the timid one, he doesn't like getting completely wet, but sticks to the perimeter and sticks his hand in on occasion.
Brooks asked if he could use Daddy's (awfully ugly) sunglasses to be a super spy. Sure! (and please loose them or break them:-) But...they do look pretty cute on him
Kenna and Brooks have been very dedicated to their spy missions recently:-)
I wonder if he will remain so well hidden, that no one will notice he put his shirt on inside out?

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  1. It's funny that Grey is so timid and not Brooks. <3