Thursday, June 6, 2013


Yesterday I got an oil change in the van. Normally/usually, Brian does this for us, but this time, due to it being overdue and an upcoming road trip - he didn't have time to fit it in. No problem, I can do it! Enter, Walmart. Here they do the oil change (synthetic price) for $49. Not too shabby at all. Additionally, it was about the only place I could think of to go with the kids and keep them entertained while waiting.

It took 45 minutes, and I did have a shopping list, since I didn't do my weekly shop on the weekend...but you know me. It has never taken me 45 mins to shop, ever. Keep up or get left behind, this could be a motto of sorts for me. I like to get it done, not peruse:-) So we filled the cart in about 15 mins, and I was trying to go slowly. Haha.

So we turned Walmart into a bit of an adventure land...we looked through all the toys, and I let them touch (and then put back) their fave things. I let them climb back over the diaper boxes to "hide" in the shelf. We tried to find products we have never seen before. I opened a bag of cookies and we ate some in the store while we waited as a snack on the go (I double checked my purse to make sure I had my wallet with me before opening!). Basically, we did everything we normally would never be allowed to do in a store, and it was really fun! The time passed quickly and we headed home with a happy break to the normal routine.
Can you see the boy hiding in this picture?

Sonny found an open shelf to hide in!
My shopping/waiting/oil change crew...

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