Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Video

The wedding of Amy Loretta and Kaden Steven Gregory. Not the entire wedding (didn't record the pastors sermon part), but I got the vows and kiss and the unity sand:-) Enjoy! It was a wonderful day celebrating the marriage of two wonderful people!


  1. Best reaction EVER!!! I love how Pastor Craig keeps looking at him <3

  2. LOVE THIS! I was already teary watching the wedding live, but seeing Kaden's face light up...put me over the top! I think that's probably the best moment of any wedding!

  3. so beautiful! brilliant move...catching his face when she entered the room. that was the best! also love seeing what Brooks will look like when he grows up. very handsome! they both looked amazing & music was incredible. love the colors too. same as my wedding. congratulations to the newest Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy!!