Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old Man Strength

Brent had arrived in town for Kaden's wedding a few days ahead of us. {Brent and Kaden are both framers, for different companies in different Provinces}. When we arrived, Kaden was rubbing his arm, and shoulder, and saying how sore he was. Why's that?

Oh, Brent and I arm wrestled - but there was no way I could win against his old man strength. 

We LAUGHED. Kaden is 19, and we would consider "in his prime" compared to his oldest brother...who has "old man strength" - something which is apparently, unbeatable;-)

So, Kaden, being unable to compete again, due to being schooled and sore, put Brian up to the challenge. Now, Brian (almost 34) is actually older than Brent, by about 1 year...

See who wins the challenge of the old man...

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