Saturday, November 28, 2009


We travelled to New York for Thanksgiving this year! Here are some random pictures of the various activities going on around here. Lauren and Ann were both working and not able to make it home, so it's a mini-family gathering. We miss them!

Cute bums! Tubby time...

Napping, after rising before 4am to go shopping on Black Friday! We got some great deals on clothes, and a portable DVD player, which we've been needing for our long trips to visit family via car and plane.

Helping me make Scor Bar Dessert

They are good at licking things:-)

Completed masterpiece. And delicious!

The reject dark meat and skin...nobody else likes it, but I was picking at it all day. Yum!

Ta-da! Look what we made!

Putting sprinkles on cupcakes

More cupcake decorating. He loves this civil war style hat, and insists on wearing it inside out, but it's pretty cute!

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