Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rain = Not Ideal

When Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida meets a Nor'Easter storm...disasters happen. It's been raining here (constantly) since Tuesday night. I think this is the worst storm we've seen since we've lived here. The Nor'Easter is much larger than a tropical storm, apparently, so it lasts much longer. Yesterday morning we had a brief period of no rain, and today it's only a light rain, so I think the worst is over, but yesterday & today in places closer to the beach it was raining harder, all day.

Nothing has happened to us, all our trees are still standing and everything. We are not in a flood zone, so we are fine. Sister-in-law Lauren has been out of power since Thursday, and hopefully it will be back on tonight. She is also flooded into or out of her house...can only get out (or in) in low tide! So some people have it really rough, and I'm very glad we've just been 'business as usual' here.

Yesterday we ventured out to Costco, I left Kenna in the cart while I quickly tried to load Brooks in the car. She is being blown away by wind and rain, and shouts (with her little hands covering over her brownie sample, so it doesn't get wet) "Hurry Mom, hurry! This is not ideal!" I just totally cracked up laughing. I said, you're right! This is definitely not ideal!

A tree blew over just down the street from us on Thursday evening and crushed 2 vehicles. Here is the truck that was crushed by the tree.

The brown dirt sticking up is the root system, the whole tree just tipped over from the ground up! We saw this lots driving around, it's amazing to see. It was a big tree, but people were working on it really fast, as it was also blocking across the road.

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