Thursday, November 12, 2009

Showing Off & Memories

Another piece of clothing Kenna now fits into that we have to show off!

This sweater is a hand-me-down from my sister Maryn (almost 10). And it has a little story too...

Brian and I were engaged in Central Park, NYC, on December 28th, 2002. We traveled to the city a few days prior, with my brother Brent, and Brian's/our friend Ben. We stayed with Brian's Aunt who lives in the city. We had such a good time! Anyway, in all our travels and excitment, we missed little Maryn's 3rd birthday, which was December 27th. Poor girl, she was so cute! So we bought her this sweater at The Gap, as a gift. It also had a matching hat/tuque, but I am not sure where that got to, maybe Maryn kept it, or it wore out.

Maryn gets the short end of the stick with a poorly timed birthday I guess...the year she was born ('99), we (us older kids) wanted to attend my friends wedding in Nashville, TN. We weren't allowed to leave unless the baby was born...we figured out the latest we could leave was midnight on the 27th to make it there in time...she was born sometime in the evening of the 27th, I don't remember the exact Brent, Lauryn & I stopped in at the hospital to visit her (around 10 at night!) before we left town! Jared graciously stayed back to help...or maybe he didn't really want to go? I can't remember. Anyway. Poor girl. In my opinion, she should have waited a few days and come in early '00...then my mom would have had children in FOUR decades. Wow. Oh well, she'll have to settle for three decades. Still has to be a record or something:-)

Here's the sweater!

Too cute!

Thinking about all that again made me dig out the pictures. I didn't have a digital camera in those ancient times, so I scanned in a few just they are! If you click on them it will enlarge them better.

About 20 minutes after getting engaged, we caught back up with Ben & Brent and they snapped this pic.

All 4 of us at Rockefeller Center in NYC, near the famous Christmas tree. Notice the Gap bag Brian is holding...the sweater is in there!!

Pictures taken before our engagement, but we loved them so much we used them as our engagement pics. My brother Brent loved to explore the country around our house, and he found this gorgeous place right off the side of the road in Altona, ON. So pretty!

Look at that waterfall!

Brent took all these pictures and did a great job!

Maryn & Lehman at our wedding. Maryn was 3 and a half. Wasn't she cute? So was Lehman, can't forget the handsome little guy!


  1. way too cute! All of the pictures! I was also reading your quotes on the side, laughed pretty hard at Brooks telling you you taste like chicken. :) It's just too good hahaha

  2. Love the pics! You and Brian are such a cute looking couple!

  3. I enjoyed that post... soo cute. Brent looks so young in that picture in NYC, I almost had to laugh because he wouldn't be that far off of my age when we got married! Kenna is growing up so fast and I can't wait to see you guys again

  4. We can't wait to see you too! (and our little cousin!!)Brian was 23 in that pic, 24 when we married, so MUCH older than you, you young'un. He did look young though, eh? So did I...sigh.

  5. Jared didn't want to go! I remember because we stopped in to visit your mom and he was there while the rest of you were gone and your mom said he didn't really want to go :D

  6. Sweet! My girls have that sweater too! ;)

  7. Chantelle - *I just realized you said BRENT, not BRIAN. I'm easily confused...Brent would have been 22 in that pic...