Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Shauna-seed & the Name Game

A cute little note - I'm posting it more for the sake of my memory, I'm sure I'll forget as time goes on unless I record it somewhere...

As I'm sure many of you know by now, Shaughnessy is my all time favourite girls name. It's been previously disallowed by Brian, for being too many letters. With this baby, he said we could name it Shaughnessy if it's a girl. Yay. Of course I immediately told the kids we could name our girl Shaughnessy, partially in an effort to garner support so he can't change his mind:-) Admittedly a little bit evil, yes:-D My love for names knows no bounds, apparently, haha!

Anyway, Brooks has really taken to the name from the start. He says "Shauna-seed", and almost always refers to the baby that way. When I suggest other names for boys or even other girl names, he says No! It's baby Shauna-seed! It's just so cute!

I'm also teaching them to spell it - which was Brian's biggest hangup on the name - If you sing the letters to the tune of the Mickey Mouse song it works, it's the same number of letters (11) Yay.

Anyway, I just love it, and I think it goes well with Kennedy too. I love the surname thing, and I guess these are all Irish too. A little theme.

History -

Baby 1: Kennedy Shea (Kenna) or Brooklyn Carson James (Brooks) - this was pretty easy. We knew Kennedy would be the first girl. Shea is a family name on Brian's side, and is a perfect fit with Kennedy. Brian's choice was Brooks, and I liked it too.

Baby 2: Cassidy Jordyn/Jordin (Cassy) or Brooklyn Carson James (Brooks) or Lleyton Carson James - My choice was Lleyton, his was Brooks, and we decided to go with Brooks moments after he was born. We were pretty undecided right up to the last moment. After he was born, Brian wrote 3 names down along with Carson James, which we were sure of. Brooklyn, Lleyton and Callum. We looked at them all, and thought Brooklyn/Brooks was the coolest. Very Posh & Beckham, haha. We're cool like that. Nah, it just "looked" like him, so we had to do it!

Baby 3: Shaughnessy Alea (Shaunie) or Lleyton ? David - we have time, so the verdict is out on this baby still. We have too many "likes" and need to narrow it down...It will definitely be something-something-David, with a nickname in there too, since the others have 'em.

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