Monday, November 2, 2009


We went to a Harvest Party put on by a local church (Jack's family attends there). We had such a fun time!! It was huge! There were lots of games to play, food to eat, fun music & square dancing, and even a mechanical bull, but Brian wouldn't try it. I thought it would be fun:-) The kids had a blast and were completely tired by the time we got home (we stopped by a friends house on the way home too...more candy and even later night. Lucky thing we got an extra hour with the time change!)


Chewing on their newly acquired Bubble-icious gum from the candy stash. Kenna is 'practicing' to blow a bubble. Each kid got a big bag of candy, and each parent got a box of M&M Premiums. Yum! Mine are mint and very addictive!

An inflatable...Brooks and Jack were too scard to go through, they only made it in the front door and came back out. Kenna tried to do it, she wasn't scared, but I think she couldn't get up the hill obstacle that was first, so she also came popping back out the front.

Pony rides! He went by himself without us! I thought he would probably do ok...Brian thought he would freak out. He had a funny face there for a moment when the horse started moving, but he never cried or anything. He was so pumped when he got off "I am a cowboy!!".

Little Kenna has always been completely unafraid of horses. She loved it!

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