Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picture This

This June or July I think, time is all running together...we still laugh about it, I really can't believe I didn't post about it.

Let me set the scene...we are driving quite happily to Wal-mart, having just visited the bank. All the sudden there is screaming, I mean blood curdling screaming from the back seat. I was at a precarious place in the road, it was really curvy and with on coming traffic I am trying to turn around and see what's going on. I catch a glimpse.

Brooks is biting Kenna's index finger with apparent extreme...something. I don't even know the word for it, but he had a wild look in his eye. So I started hollering "let go! Brooks, no biting, let go" while trying to contort my shoulder and reach back there. A few unsuccessful random swats from me, I couldn't really reach him what with my driving and all. Kenna still SCREAMING. Me yelling, LET GO. I managed to pull the car over without killing anyone.

I then managed to pry his jaw open and she pulled her practically severed finger from the wild man's mouth. It took a long time to calm her down. Her poor finger was seriously indented and very purple. After she was basically calm, but still sniffling, she asked me "Why Brooksie bite me?...he just no like me!" I explained that he was just a little boy and he didn't know how much biting hurt yet (after a little chastisement he has not done it again, thankfully). She said again "Brooksie just no like me!" a couple times that day when recounting the event. Leave it to her to make it as dramatic as possible.

Here are my wonderful kids helping me sort the laundry. Kenna climbs in a basket and suggests I take her picture. Haha. Her mom must have a blog or something...she's such a ham.

She wanted Brooks to do it too, but he wasn't having it! Climbed back out in a flash.

Cutie pie. He really goes back and forth with his looks, some days he is so Kennedy, but in this pic, all I see is Brian! His face is scratched from a run in with Kenna's fingernail. "Sorry Boy, I didn't mean to, it was a ack-dee-dent". She is usually very apologetic over things.

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