Saturday, September 27, 2008

Balloon Animals

Today I went to a new grocery store,'s not really new, I just don't go there very often. But they had some great sales on, so off we went early this morning. The store had balloons everywhere, it was crazy. Well of course Brooks starts right away "awww, I see boon, I see boon, aww boon, it's boon, it's boon" while pointing and laughing. Naturally, this lasted the entire 30 minutes we were shopping. As we approached the self-checkout an employee commented to me on how much he loved looking at the balloons (how could she tell?), and told me they gave balloons to children in the floral dept. Since we weren't in a particular rush, and I knew it would make their day, we went over and got some. Brooks was a little concerned at first about tying it to his wrist, but when he saw how Kenna did it, he was fine. Delighted kids made the rest of the shopping trip fun!

While at Walmart Kenna was helping me load the groceries onto the "moving thing" at the register, and she says, with such a motherly tone "Thanks Mom, I'm so glad you're helping me". Crack up! She is just sooo funny sometimes (er, most times!:-)

Chillin' and waiting on lunch after shopping with their balloons

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