Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Music Night in Alberta - Video

Here are a couple clips from the Country Music Night I was a part of in July...actually these are from the warm up practice before the concert started actually...I will have to get a few more good clips from the actual event, but this was right at the beginning and I wanted to test out my video making program:-) It's not the whole song, just about a minute and a half of each.

Here I Am To Worship. Aerylin -high harmonies, Darla - lead vocals, Chantelle - lead vocals (I think? I think I can hear her singing along too more quietly), Dave -harmonies & guitar, Logan - guitar, Davis - bass guitar, Kaden - drums

Traveling Soldier. Kari - lead vocals, Aerylin - high harmonies, Darla - low harmonies, Logan - guitar, Davis - bass guitar, Kaden - drums (LOVE the drums in this!)


  1. Oh Darla, post more if you have more. I miss your singing and your family playing so so so much.

    BTW, I'll email you back soon. It's been busy here.

  2. hey caralyn
    would you like me to make you a DVD of the whole evening?

  3. Hey Darla - thanks for checking out our blog! It was so nice to catch up with you and your family this summer. Thanks for sharing these videos - we love to hear you guys.

  4. awesome to hear you really sing here. you have a beautiful strong voice! maybe you can help out some wednesdays up front...also i missed when you sang with Ben...would love to hear you 2 sing soon :) or maybe you and jon puckett. (i REALLY loved the country song...you can pull off country ANY day!!) :)