Saturday, May 1, 2021

New Room - Slow and Steady

Why do we do this to ourselves?!? With deck progress happening, not wanting to lose momentum, Brian was motivated to keep working on the new room on his break times - the evenings. With all the new trusses up (that he made by hand), and the HVAC mini split system finally working -we had a few difficulties there with the wrong hoses supplied to us from the supplier etc - it took about 3 weeks of back and forth until everything was correct and it was functioning. We couldn't "finish" the space without it being was now time for the dry wall and paint - which had to happen before the ceiling could go up.

We did knockdown on the walls, as that's what we have in our other main living area - it's the easiest way to cover uneven finishes - which was definitely what was the case with the main living area remodel. Not necessarily the case for this room - except that Brian could do it himself, whereas we'd want to hire out a "smooth finish" wall, as that is not Brian's forte and he always sees all the imperfections.

Holding the guard meant I got "knocked down" too, LOL

The following pics are slightly out of order, but I think you can figure out the progression;-) This ceiling is oak tongue and groove flooring, and we are using the back side of it, due to the bend we needed to achieve with the barrel shape. This was left over from a job, where this was put on the ceiling of a restaurant down town - but it wasn't arched, it was just flat. So we added quite the layer of complication there. And also - most of us are scared of heights. And this is a very tall ceiling (18ft I think!)

It was very VERY .V.E.R.Y.  hard to get this ceiling up. Partially it was sub-par help (were short, and the aforementioned heights & ladders thing), and partially it was just really really difficult. It was all the leftover stuff. Slightly less straight and all that. At the end of it all, I think we had 2 boards left! We had exactly enough! (Good counting and measuring, Brian!)
Walls are looking good!
The flagship center piece is up! Little did we know how hard it would be to complete this gorgeous ceiling!

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