Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mostly Almost Totally Done...Mostly

These pics were taken on May 8th & 9th - things really did feel like they were starting to finish up quickly! The weather was nice now, and the motivation was to get done so we'd have a weekend day free to go boating!
I milk painted the brick - I'll have to look back and see if I posted the how to's - and post if not. Just for future reference. I did it once before, on the other side of the brick in the livingroom, and both times it was quick, easy, and turned out SO exactly how I wanted it to! We bought a massive TV (77" 😱) on a January Sale - President's Day I think? Why to they discount stuff for Presidents? Lol. It was right before the Superbowl too, and tv's tend to go on sale then - so we bought it in Jan, but requested a mid March delivery, because we thought we'd be ready for it mid-March. Well. That didn't happen. We were ready for it mid-May. The tv is really thin, but the box it came in literally took up half of our hallway. We were very glad to get it out of the hall and up on the wall for sure after two months of walking around it.
Milk painted and ready to go in March. Milk painting is messy so it was quick and easy to get it done before the floor was done.

It's an impressive TV, for sure. Brian wanted as big of a tv as could fit in the space, and he got his wish;-) It makes our previously thought to be large 54" tv look small 😂

It's a big room with very high ceilings, and he didn't want it to look dwarfed. No worries there, haha! It fits the space really well, and it's definitely our fave tv now. It's amazing how tv's seem to breed?...We had only 1 tv in the whole house for 15 years! And then when we got the 54" inch one a few years back, it came with a free smaller one. Maybe it's about 40". Then Grandma and Grandpa gave us another one of about a similar size. So we put one in the play room and one in our room. And with the addition of the big tv, we now have FOUR! The play room is now Kennedy's bedroom, but we left it up on the condition that when we have guests over etc, the kids are allowed to play video games or watch shows on it. She's ok with that, so she's got a tv:-)

Vale was here!
Always lining things up!
The flooring is going down!! That went FAST - I went to get an update pic and he was entirely done, I think he started around 7am, and was done by noon. 

This ceiling. I think we all have a bit of trauma associated with it, LOL. But man, it is truly GORGEOUS.
Board by board. It felt like we might die trying on this one;-)
The fan! I love it so much!
And BooM! Just like that, and seemingly all in one day - well, it was 2 days...we had a tv, floors, and lights!
But we still weren't done that ceiling. Whew! We kept plugging away at it, a few boards per night.


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