Monday, May 3, 2021

Just Decking In...

This feels like a photo dump. But I guess it's really more of a post creation dump, lol. I know they aren't really that interesting to most. But I feel like we're gonna look back on it and really want to remember. The kids helped build our shed in June 2020, that was their very first intro to helping Brian and what the various tools did, and how to work them etc. They got to flex those muscles and learn more during the new room/siding/decking process for sure. I wanted to make sure their "first project efforts" were recorded:-)
We didn't put up the last top line of siding, so we could paint our vinyl wrap from beige/tan to white, and also so we could nail up plastic to protect the siding from the staining over spray. 
Thankfully with the paint sprayer, it made quick work of the staining process, as we did multiple coats.

Here you can really see it taking shape, and spot our shed off behind the house:-)
Staining - this was just one coat - I think the underside only got 1 coat or so. We did the top side with I think 3 coats, I can't quite remember now. The colour darkened with each coat.


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