Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was a fun weekend!! Since my birthday was a "regular ol Monday" full of piano lessons, and Y Change meetings in the evening, we took full advantage of the weekend to celebrate. I was quite spoiled!

Friday night - starting the weekend off with a "bang" we put the kids to bed, rented Fury (with Brad Pitt) and ordered in Vietnamese food. It was really our first time to eat Vietnamese food, and it was different, fresh, and good! The movie was great too, I totally enjoyed it, and it reminded me a little of Saving Private Ryan in certain ways - while being it's own story line for sure.

Saturday - Bible Quiz! This warrants a post all its own, it was great:-) Kenna's team (of 3 people) got 4th place. She was pretty nervous, but said she felt ok about it all and had fun.

Saturday night - Dinner & a Movie! We coerced 4 other couples to out to eat with us (Olive Garden), and then to see American Sniper, and then out for dessert! It was a great night of fun, food, and fellowship. The movie comes highly recommended - we loved it. Because of people we happen to know, who are in "the know", we can tell you that there are certain aspects that were embellished for the sake of making a good movie, but that on the whole it was an accurate portrayal of the people and the lifestyle. (as a side note, if you see the movie - his friend with the "eye" injury is the first Seal death to happen in war after 9-11 happened, and remember things are different in the Teams now than they were back then. The support for Team Wives was non-existent back then, as was all things pertaining to PTSD for the men themselves. Things work much differently now with required decompression times and psych evals etc. 14 years of sending men to war and having them "broken" has required the military to change a lot of protocols), So remember when you watch, it's not still "like that" in all the ways pertaining to family integration and PTSD, while, make no mistake about it, they lead a grueling life that is not to be envied. They give of themselves more than you will ever comprehend or even ever hear about, and are truly heroes worthy of respect. Annnd at Baker's Crust for dessert, I was serenaded loudly with an off-key happy birthday. Perfectly embarrassing, thanks guys.

Sunday - Church, and then after church, a Mexican place for lunch with friends. Then the superbowl! More party-ing! Thankfully the Pats pulled out a win, (whew!) and we had lots of fun watching with friends...about 20 friends, so a full house! The food was amazing, and the kids even made me a surprise birthday cake (made with the help of Auntie Lauren who was babysitting them Sat night). There were 6 candles put on the cake for me to blow out. To which I commented, "oh, so many candles" to the kids...and Brian replies "yup. one for every decade". HAH.

Monday - A normal day, really. I opted not to pick out a birthday cereal this year, since I'm trying to eat well:-) The biggest surprise of my day was when I got home from the gym at 7:30. Brian gave me his gift...and it was...an ipod "wrapped" in a new sweater!!!! I was so excited!! We use our ipod A LOT. Like, a lot, a lot. Some one gave it to us years ago, and it's like, the original ipod, lol. But we love it. He thought we could make some good use of a more modern one. YAY! Oh, and I really like the new sweater, too:-)
My new Nano next to the Oldie:-)
Being 36 ain't so bad;-)

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