Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday Excitement

Excitement - not really in the good way though:-/

Sunday morning it was warm. Soooo warm. It went from teen-temps to 50+ degrees overnight. It was craaaazy. The snow was melting so quickly that you could actually see it rising off the ground. I don't remember every witnessing that in my life. There was this like, rapidly rising fog, coming off the ground, and going towards the sky, and the air was foggy, wet and heavy from it. It was pretty cool. The evaporation of 4ish inches of snow takes - about 3 hours I guess? When we got out of church, the snow was gone!

While we in church, Brian got a phone call from a coworker, and he rejected the call with a "I'm in a meeting" text. He got a text back. "There is a massive pipe leak. Call me". He left the service (which was 5 mins from the end) to make the call, and came back to me to get the keys to the van - A 2" pipe apparently froze, and then thawed and burst overnight at their office. A coworker had gone into the office and found 2 inches of water EVERYWHERE. He got the water cut off...but!!

Thankfully our friend Chae has room in her van to bring the rest of us home after Adult Bible Studies! Brian, and other employees began the water removal process. The office side is carpet tiles, and those are being pulled up to dry, the shop side is cement, so that could be swept out. Still no official word on how much damage to furniture and equipment. They have rented fans to dry out etc. But generally, just a really huge mess.

It is so amazing that someone went into the office (which is not typical for a Sun morning) - if he hadn't, it wouldn't have been discovered until Monday morning, and the entire place surely would have been underwater by then!

I think it's very safe to say that Hampton Roads is OVER winter in a big way!!

In other news - and good news, at that - Congratulations to our friend Pastor Paul. He was ordained yesterday, and we are so happy for him! He is the Youth Pastor at our church, and went through a rigorous and un-enviable interview with a council of 8 men. We had a really fun youth event recently, in an effort to help Paul prepare for his interview. We got copies of ALL his doctrinal beliefs and then did Q & A's on the different topics and questions - all the hard stuff, really! He was on the hot seat and had to answer everything (and it was being moderated by a Seminary Prof, just in case he was, you know, wrong. LOL!) It was actually a really fun night, and a great way to engage kids in very serious and sometimes contradictory topics that they likely seldom contemplate. Anyway, congrats to (Reverend!) Paul and Abbey. We are so excited to see where the Lord leads you!
Paul, speaking at the end of his ordination ceremony on Sunday evening

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