Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oregano and Frankincense

Well, I posted awhile back that I bought some essential oils from Young Living and have been loving them! Thieves seems like a miracle worker to me!

Make no mistake about it, I am not saying we don't need conventional medication, or doctors. We are able to help our health and comfort so much by medications. But there are many many things that medicines can't cure. Even a doctor will tell you, it's just a virus, and nothing they can do. And there are many (many!) medications that are just synthetic versions of the components found in an essential oil - why bother to recreate something that nature makes perfectly? Because you can't patent a plant. It all comes down to money.

So for run of the mill, daily health, I have been really encouraged by using the oils. I ordered a "starter kit" because it was a good deal - but the only oil I really "wanted" was Thieves. Since I now had 10 other oils also, I did some research. What can I do with them?

I read that Frankincense was great for removing skin tags and reducing the appearance of moles. I mentioned this to Brian, who is basically a walking mole-y freckle. He had what I would consider a mole, but he says was a skin tag. The biggest one I've ever seen. Well, by applying Frankincense (in my case, Sacred Frankincense, which is all I had - Frank is from Somalia/Yemen and from the Boswellia carterii, and Sacred Frank from Oman and the Boswellia sacra). Anyway, by applying Sacred Frank, neat (undiluted), just a drop at bedtime, after about a week he said it was hurting (kinda behind his arm where he couldn't really see it), so I checked it out, and the area where it was attached to his skin was quite red, and the mole itself was darker and incredibly smaller. Over the next day or two, it continued to shrink, and fell off, and the skin healed over smoothly and clearly. We were in total amazement!! He's had similar removed before at the dr's, which was also effective (they cut them off), however - those visits cost about $150. As a side note, Frankincense smells soooo amazing. I had always been curious about what it was like, as it was a gift to Jesus from the Wise Men. The smell is almost addicting, and I can't compare to anything else I've ever smelled. It also tastes great in water!

Brian, again, the guinea pig in this "experiment" got a wart on his foot, presumably from the first Spartan Race he ran in March 2014. It grew, and we did all the typical treatments. Compound W, freezing, cutting etc. It wasn't going away, at least not quickly, and they spread. He now had many warts on the bottom of the same foot. We kept plugging away at traditional methods, with no or extremely slow success, as he kept getting more warts. Then Kenna got a wart. Then within a few days I noticed a second wart on the same foot. I was not interested in having her go through all the same methods we'd been battling with Brian, so I enlisted some oily help. Oregano. It didn't come in my original kit, but I ordered it for this experiment.

Oregano is an extremely spicy oil, and has many of the properties of the Thieves blend, it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial etc...and it kills the Human Papilloma Virus, which is what causes most warts, I read online. Applying this neat (undiluated) to the warts, and they were gone from Kenna in a couple days. Success! So then we started with Brian. His would be the true test, as this was now November, and he'd been battling the warts for 8 months now, and they were much larger and "deep rooted". He applied Oregano, neat, to his heel/all the areas with warts. It took about 2 weeks, and he noticed no more pain (he was having pain walking on them), and they were shrinking...and gone! In less than a month, we got rid of about 11 warts from his foot!

So cool, right?! We were really blown away at their effectiveness. There are many uses! I've used Lavender to cure pink eye (put surrounding the eye, not in the eye), and to heal skin burns from baking. A blend called DiGize has really helped Brian when his tummy is feeling "sick", it has quite a few oils in it, fennel being one of them, and that is the one that carries the smell, I think - so it's sorta black licorice/stinky smelling, but effective!!

*Note - I use and recommend Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. They are tested and guaranteed pure. A label from the healthfood store saying "pure" does not mean the same thing, and chances are you will not see good results (if any), from using a "store brand" of oil, which is unfortunate, and sad - but true. I read of so many "complaints" using a supposedly "pure" essential oil, and when they switch to a therapeutic oil (young living) they can see the difference! The FDA does not regulate essential oils, and there is no standard - anyone can put anything on a label. The product may contain a pure therapeutic grade oil, while also containing (or "cut with") other things, which may or may not be pure, but in any case are not what you are in the market for, if you are looking for something pure. Young Living using outside testing for more than 30 years to guarantee the purity and effectiveness of the oils.

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