Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gallery Wall

So, since moving to our Chesapeake house, I've really not done a ton of decorating. I hung a few random things on existing nails in the walls. That was pretty much it.

I had a ton of canvases stacked on the mantel, and when I cleared the mantel for Christmas decor, I was inspired to get things where they "belong". A gallery wall is step one.
A friend of mine helped me with an approximate layout on the floor, and then, using command hooks, I set off to work! This is how I left it:-)...because I ran out of command hooks. There is still some space to fill, But worry not, I've got tons to hang still. Pictures, art, and more B's...
More to hang!
I would like to do a few pictures in the hall, also, I think. And we've got some floating shelves I'd like to put up, Basically, this gallery wall has barely put a dent in decor stash ready and waiting. Oh Boy!

Anyway, I've never done such a "mish-mash" gallery before, and so I was a little nervous of how it would turn out, but I am really loving the results so far!

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